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Student Life Staff

The Student Center has a longstanding tradition of supporting students in their pursuit of active, vibrant experiences.

Student Center Staff
Student Center Staff

Our staff members have a rich tradition of participating in National Intramural – Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA), the national association for recreational sports professions. NIRSA is a leading resource for professional and student development, education, and research in collegiate recreational sports. Our staff serves on various committees on student development and leadership and also serves as a member of the NIRSA Foundation.

Suzette Smith

Tamaro Hines
Senior Administrative Assistant

Mike Chadee
Recreation Facilities and Programs Manager

Tim Williamson
Senior Events Coordinator

Jessica Hartsfield
Events Coordinator

Leigh McAtee
Events Coordinator

Student Staff Opportunities

Join the team! Our flexible positions are designed for you and your schedule with the hours you select.

The Student Center employs more than 150 students to assist with daily operations and the management of the center. Employees can gain experience relative to decision making, leadership, problem-solving, and supervisory skills, while making new friends.

Positions are available for building supervisors, website assistants, and group fitness instructors. The Student Center accepts job applications in August and April. Pick up an application at the Student Center.

Please for more information.