Crafting keepsakes with new vision

Sheryl Moss
Sheryl Moss was going blind until she underwent two cornea transplants.

This is Sheryl Moss’ story:

I was going blind in both eyes and developing cataracts. I learned I had Fuchs’ dystrophy, a slowly progressing degenerative disease of the corneal endothelium. My primary eye doctor referred me to the surgeon for a cornea transplant. A month later I had my first transplant on my left eye.

During my first follow-up visit they injected a bubble of air into my eye to hold the transplant in place. However, this was the only complication and by the next day everything was just as it should be. During the drive home I was able to see the LED bulbs in the traffic lights. My husband was amazed.

I did so well after the surgery on my left eye I kept asking my surgeon when I could have the surgery on the right eye. Finally, he felt like it was time, and I had the surgery on my right eye five months after the first transplant. Both my surgeon and my family are impressed with how well I can see.

A quilt with the state of Texas on it, made by Sheryl Moss
A patterned quilt that Sheryl Moss made with strips of varying shades of green for borders

I have started working on my cross-stitch and am learning how to quilt. These are things I never thought I would be able to do. To be able to see without glasses for the first time in 45 years is so very wonderful. And there are no words to describe the joy of seeing the smiling faces of my five grandsons.

The words “Thank You” seem so small to cover what I have been given by two wonderful, loving, selfless families in their darkest hour. But I do say thank you to all the donor families who give so that people like me can receive such wonderful gifts.

Editor’s note: The quilt photos are of the quilts Sheryl made for her grandsons.