Continuing Education

Transplant Services Center provides the following in-service educational opportunities as a service to health care professionals.

Educational In-Services

Tissue Donation Awareness

Approved for 1.0 CEU

This course provides an overview of tissue and eye donation. It lists the tissues currently being recovered and discusses their applications in transplantation. The course describes the referral and screening process for potential donors, the exclusionary criteria for donation, and the logistics of timing and recovery location. A selection of videos of donor family members and tissue or cornea recipients are shown within this PowerPoint program.

Please call our Outreach Department at 214-645-8361 or 1-800-433-6667 to schedule an in-service at your facility.

“Tissue & Eye Donation” Offering the Opportunity

Approved for 2.0 CEU’s ***Trained Tissue/Eye Requestor Certificate

Offered only with permission from your Hospital Administrator, CEO, or CNO

This course examines the interpersonal dynamics involved in approaching grieving families to request consent for tissue and eye donation and supporting family decision. The course addresses the importance of proper environment, understanding of the family dynamics surrounding a death, responding to questions, and providing support. A portion of the course involves interactive role play, provides facts about what can be donated and how it is used, and answers questions about donor screening and required documentation.