A child's request and a parent's grateful heart

My name is Linda. Chris was my 34-year-old son. One Christmas morning he greeted me with "Merry Christmas, Momma!" Then he said, sort of in passing, "Oh, by the way, if anything ever happens to me, let them use everything in my body to help others. I won't need them where I'm going." 

Chris Person

I replied, "Oh baby, you will bury your mother," and thought no more about it. Five days later, Chris had a massive heart attack. When I was asked to give – in spite of my pain and shattered heart – I remembered my son's request and there was no hesitation.

Years later, I'm a bone graft recipient. I've had surgery for cervical spine problems. I was having pain in my shoulders and neck, but didn't dream I was going to have tissue transplants. I'm thankful for my surgery and the tissue grafts that enhanced my life.