Fellowship Program Structure

The four-year Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship Program includes three ACGME-accredited years during which fellows complete all ACGME requirements. A fourth, non-ACGME-accredited year, is required and is accredited by the Texas Medical Board.

The first year of fellowship is ACGME-accredited and consists entirely of clinical rotations.

The second, non-ACGME-accredited year consists of three months on the Gynecologic Oncology Service and nine months of basic-science research during which Fellows have no clinical responsibilities.

Both the third and the fourth years are ACGME-accredited. During the third year, Fellows focus on research and have no clinical responsibilities.

The fourth year is entirely comprised of clinical training on the Gynecologic Oncology Service at UT Southwestern's Clements University Hospital and at Parkland Memorial Hospital.

Sample Rotation Schedule

Fellowship YearOnc-1Onc-2
July UTSW Research Research Parkland
August UTSW Research Research Parkland
September Parkland Research Research UTSW
October SICU Parkland Research UTSW
November Path/Gen UTSW Research Parkland
December RadOnc UTSW Research Parkland
January Parkland Research Research UTSW
February Parkland Research Research UTSW
March UTSW Research Research Parkland
April UTSW Research Research Parkland
May Parkland Research Research UTSW
June Parkland Research Research UTSW

SICU - Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Path/Gen - Pathology/Genetics
RadOnc - Radiation Oncology

Conferences, Courses, and Scientific Meetings

Gynecologic Oncology Fellows are encouraged to attend and actively participate in a variety of conferences, boards, grand rounds, courses, scientific meetings, and lectures. Daily lectures and grand rounds are also given by different departments of the Medical School and are published in a monthly calendar of events.

The Fellowship Program Didactics include weekly lectures that are given or supervised by Gynecologic Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Palliative Care, or other related subspecialty faculty. Fellows are encouraged to attend weekly didactics that are structured specifically for the purpose of fellow education.

The Fellowship Program also requires successful completion of a graduate level course in Biostatistics, (Biostatistics for Clinical Sciences I – DCS 5391/5491).

Presentations and Publications

Fellows are encouraged to present and publish the results of their research and clinical studies at conferences. Review a list of past presentations and publications involving Gynecologic Oncology Fellows in our program description.