Educational Conferences

Dr. Amit Khera presents lecture
Dr. Amit Khera presents cardiology lecture

The UT Southwestern Internal Medicine Residency Training Program takes pride in a rich tradition of teaching that spans the continuum from bedside to classroom and medical student to the senior faculty. Rigorous training in scientific principles and pathophysiology of disease lays the foundation for excellence as a clinician, physician-scientist, or both. And if that isn’t enough, lunch is provided at daily noon conference.

Ambulatory Care Didactics

Offered Monday-Thursday for residents rotating through outpatient clinics. Interactive case-based conference covering important ambulatory topics led by general medicine faculty, along with important topics like billing, population health, etc.

Monday Recharge

An interactive weekly conference covering various topics in residency including teaching skills, health policy, balancing stress, giving bad news, professionalism, and other challenges in modern medicine.

Wellness Outings

Two to three times a year after Monday Recharge, the program treats each Firm to an outing of their choice! So far, bowling, dinner, and bubble soccer have been very popular.

Clinicopathologic Conference

A stimulating, case-based conference led by faculty experts from Internal Medicine, Pathology, and Radiology. Recent cases include neurocystericosis meningoencephalitis, Goodpasture Disease, Churg-Strauss vasculitis, von-Hippel Lindau syndrome, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and disseminated histoplasmosis.

Seldin Intern Chart Conference

Exclusive to interns, this weekly conference is led at Parkland Hospital by David H. Johnson, M.D. (our current Chair of Internal Medicine), Salahuddin Kazi, M.D. (our Residency Program Ddirector), and Carlos Girod, M.D. (our Vice Chair of Internal Medicine). These conferences focus on the art of differential diagnosis and provide valuable time with some of the giants in medical education. The conference is named in honor of Dr. Donald Seldin who led the conference for years and is considered the Father of UT Southwestern medicine.

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds

Our flagship conference is a weekly lecture featuring both internal and visiting experts, who address a broad range of topics.

Journal Club

A weekly, resident-led, in-depth analysis and critical appraisal of important articles in various fields of medicine features teaching from experts in clinical research and evidence-based medicine.

Medicine Core Lecture Series

A weekly conference, which includes topics from all disciplines of internal medicine and other subspecialties important to internists and focuses on areas relevant to the internal medicine board exam.

Patient Safety and Quality Conference

A constructive multidisciplinary review of cases that highlight teaching points in patient safety and quality improvement.


Unique to UT Southwestern and a house staff favorite. During this weekly conference, residents present recent interesting cases as unknowns to the audience, and the faculty, students, and interns help to make the diagnosis.

Resident Report

Exclusive to second- and third-year residents, this daily conference is moderated by our Chair, David Johnson, M.D., and other select senior attendings at Parkland Hospital and by Tyler Miller, M.D., at Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Current cases admitted to the wards teams are discussed with a focus on differential diagnosis, disease pathophysiology, and patient management.

Resident Update Conference

Each second-year resident presents a recent literature review on a clinical topic of interest, usually arising from a personal patient interaction.