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Skin of Color Clerkship

All visiting medical students who are interested in Skin of Color dermatology are encouraged to apply to the clerkship. This four-week program will provide mentorship, networking opportunities, and stipend support (up to $1,500) to two fourth-year medical students. Applicants who have faced economic hardship, educational disadvantage, and/or other social or personal struggles will be given preference.

Please indicate your interest in the Skin of Color Clerkship by completing the supplemental application to the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) along with other UTSW Visiting Medical Student Application Requirements.

We will accept applications for the Skin of Color Clerkship until May 9, 2024. Applicants selected to participate in the Skin of Color Clerkship will be notified by late May.

Application Process

  1. Explain your personal experiences/motivations that led to your interest in Skin of Color dermatology, and how the Skin of Color Clerkship will support or align with your future goals.
  2. Describe any challenges you have faced in your life’s journey. These can pertain to origin culture/community, socioeconomic hardships, or any other barriers.

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