For Medical Students

Heidi Jacobe, M.D., Associate Professor of Dermatology, answers questions frequently posed by medical students considering a career in dermatology.

Video Playlist

Please scroll through the video to the time listed below to view specific answers. 

  • How important are my USMLE scores and AOA status? (:37–2:53)
  • What about away rotations? (2:545:32)
  • When should I do a Dermatology elective at UT Southwestern? (5:33–6:08)
  • How can I participate in Dermatology projects? (6:09–6:59)
  • How important are projects anyway? (7:00–7:43)
  • How many letters of recommendation do I need? (7:44–9:58)
  • How about volunteering? (9:5911:30)
  • This is a lot of information. What do I do now? (11:31 13:31)

The following document prepared by faculty, Heidi Jacobe, and dermatology resident, Andrew Park, outlines important components to reflect upon when preparing an application for dermatology residency (constructing your CV, building a brand, and interview tips). 

    Building Your Brand