Research at the Center for Human Nutrition at UT Southwestern Medical Center is focused on metabolic syndrome, the metabolic abnormality that results from the interaction of improper nutrition and abnormal genetics. Also, preventing the artery-clogging condition of atherosclerosis and its attendant coronary heart disease, stroke, aneurysm, and other critical circulatory problems are a central focus of material investigated in the Center for Human Nutrition.

While special nutritional requirements are necessary with various diseases, these diseases have not been adequately defined. The Center for Human Nutrition collaborates with other centers and departments to determine the nutritional needs and treatment plans for patients with these diseases. Because of these needs, Center researchers continue to stimulate new investigations within existing programs.

Primary research is carried out with human investigation through studies that identify disease markers, test with special diets, and investigate the use of new drugs. Research is also conducted with human samples, which include taking blood, serum, tissues, and DNA. These samples are then examined extensively for scientific discovery.