Education and Training

The Department of Clinical Nutrition works closely with the Center for Human Nutrition to offer students and faculty an effective learning environment to study nutrition. The Department is composed of faculty and staff fully committed to improving the quality of life. The study of nutrition in humans allows students to learn methods for innovatively treating and preventing illness.

The study of nutrition and its effects on health include:

  • An understanding of the chemical and functional components of food
  • Physiological effects of food components
  • Knowledge of how human behavior affects food choices
  • Impact of the surrounding environment on food choices

The programs offered through the Department of Clinical Nutrition provide opportunities for currently licensed health care professionals and individuals seeking the Registered Dietitian (R.D.) credential. Students will study nutrition through the cycle of life, from birth to advanced age, and will come to understand what role nutrition plays in the causes and treatments of various medical conditions.

These programs utilize the unique resources offered through UT Southwestern Medical Center to prepare graduates for meeting the demands of the changing health care system as a registered dietitian. Having developed a strong clinically-based knowledge, graduates can use food and nutrition information effectively in the prevention and treatment of disease.

Nutrition and dietetics education is based on discovery and teaching, which allows for development of some of the strongest health care professionals of tomorrow, for the future of medicine, today.


Master’s of Clinical Nutrition, Coordinated Program

The Master's of Clinical Nutrition, Coordinated Program is designed for students interested in obtaining the Registered Dietitian (R.D.) credential. A bachelor’s degree in any field, plus the specified admission required courses are acceptable. A previous degree in nutrition is not required.

Master’s of Clinical Nutrition, Registered Dietitian or Licensed Health Professional

This Program is designed for students who are currently Registered Dietitians (R.D.) or Licensed Health Professionals recognized by the Texas Department of State Health Services. The Program does not meet the requirements for eligibility to become an R.D. **We are not currently accepting applications for this program.