Medical Student Research Scholar

The Medical Student Research Scholar Program helps coordinate mentor-funded research opportunities for highly motivated students who are in good standing with UT Southwestern. The students should be a part of a cohesive, hypothesis-driven, immersive research experience. These projects are funded through the faculty members. Students will receive a stipend and possible health benefits based on the grant information and discussions with the mentor.

Students can either work less than 20 hours a week and stay in school, or take a leave of absence to focus on the research. Each situation will need to be discussed with the student, the mentor, and Dr. Rene L. Galindo.

There is no application process for this program; participation is at the discretion of the mentor. The MSRP is responsible for processing the funding as well as ensuring that all University requirements are met. Time spent in this program counts toward an application for M.D. with Distinction in Research.