i2b2 (Clinical Research Data Warehouse)

The UT Southwestern Clinical Research Data Warehouse (CRDW) is based on Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside (i2b2), an NIH-funded National Center for Biomedical Computing based at Partners HealthCare System.

The i2b2 is a scalable informatics framework designed to bridge clinical research data and the data banks arising from basic science research to better understand the genetic bases of complex diseases. This knowledge will facilitate the design of targeted therapies for individual patients with diseases having genetic origins. 

i2b2 is being implemented across a number of collaborative research networks. These linked data will serve as an institutional resource for advancing clinical/translational research and enhancing career development for clinical/translational research, community health, health services/outcomes, and clinical trials. The creation of an integrated data repository will greatly enhance the training and career development goals of the Center for Translational Medicine by facilitating ready access to critical research data that will support trainees in the scholars program, junior investigators, pilot grant awardees, and other researchers.