2016-2017 Awardees

On September 21 the awardees of the 2016-2017 CRSM Fellowships were announced.  

Rhonda Bassel-Duby, Ph.D.; Eric Olson, Ph.D.; Ayse Ercan, Ph.D.; Yu Zhang; Alicia Fessler; Berfin Azizoglu; and Cemre Celen

The awardees are:

Cemre Celen
Title: Regulation of β-cell mass and regeneration by SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling
PI: Hao Zhu, M.D.
Department: Children's Research Institute at UT Southwestern

Berfin Azizoglu
Title: Afadin synergizes with RhoA to direct morphogenesis of the pancreatic endocrine cell niche
PI: Ondine Cleaver, Ph.D.
Department: Molecular Biology

Alicia Fessler
Title: Developing techniques to engineer renal replacement tissue in vitro
PI: Tom Carroll, Ph.D.
Department: Internal Medicine – Nephrology

Yu “Bob” Zhang
Rescue of muscular dystrophy in human cardiomyocytes and postnatal mouse model by the novel CRISPR Cpf1 system
PI: Eric Olson, Ph.D.
Department: Molecular Biology

Ayse Ercan, Ph.D.
Title: Imaging myelin degeneration and regeneration in multiple sclerosis patients
PI: Elena Vinogradov, Ph.D.
Department: Radiology

Seven travel fellowships also were awarded to outstanding fellowship proposals.

The awardees are:

  • Alexandra Ghaben
  • Magid Mohamed
  • Andres Ramirez-Martinez
  • Lauren Tyra
  • Salim Abdisalaam, Ph.D.
  • Maria del Carmen Lafita Navarro, Ph.D.
  • Jamie Wright, Ph.D.