About the Center

Degenerative diseases of the heart, brain, and other tissues represent the largest cause of death and disability in the world, affecting virtually everyone over the age of 40 and accounting for the lion’s share of health care costs. Regenerative medicine represents a new frontier in science, which seeks to understand the mechanistic basis of tissue aging, repair, and regeneration and to leverage this knowledge to improve human health.

The mission of the Hamon Center for Regenerative Science and Medicine (CRSM) is to impact human health through discoveries of the fundamental mechanisms of tissue formation and repair and to use this knowledge to develop transformative strategies and medicines to enhance tissue regeneration.

We envision major strengths in stem cell biology and diseases affecting the heart, muscle, nervous system, and other tissues. Because disease and repair in these various systems are based on common biological principles and regulatory mechanisms, the CRSM will provide an infrastructure for interlinking experts across disciplines, allowing for cross-fertilization of ideas and technologies.