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The Hamon Center for Regenerative Science and Medicine (CRSM) Trainee Fellowships support talented graduate student or postdoctoral trainees whose research focuses on tissue formation in health and disease, tissue repair, or tissue regeneration. The $25,000 fellowships are awarded each fall. Any applicant whose project focuses on regenerative medicine is strongly encouraged to apply.

2019-2020 CRSM Fellowship Awardees

On November 6 the awardees of the 2019-2020 CRSM Fellowships were announced.

Eric Olson, Ph.D.; Rene Solano Fonseca, Ph.D.; Brenden Park; Leon Straub, Ph.D.; Amanda K. Casey, Ph.D.; Mahmoud Elguindy; Xiaowu Gu, Ph.D.: Kevin Lam; Leqian Yu, Ph.D.; Chunyang Ni; and Rhonda Bassel-Duby, Ph.D.
Eric Olson, Ph.D.; Sibiao Yue, Ph.D.; Amanda Casey, Ph.D.; Jacob McClendon; Yu-Hsuan Lin; Mehmet Takar, Ph.D.; Edem Tchegnon; and Rhonda Bassel-Duby, Ph.D.

The awardees are:

Amanda Casey, Ph.D.
Title: UPR-induced visual system degeneration and regeneration
Mentor: Kim Orth, Ph.D.
Department of Molecular Biology

Jacob McClendon
Title: Dual specificity phosphatase 16 mediates neuronal regeneration after traumatic brain injury
Mentor: Peter Douglas, Ph.D.
Department of Molecular Biology

Mehmet Takar, Ph.D.
Title: Functional characterization of mitochondrial micropeptide Stmp1 in cardiac metabolism
Mentor: Rhonda Bassel-Duby and Eric Olson
Department of Molecular Biology

Sibiao Yue, Ph.D.
Title: Defining the dynamic changes in mitochondrial metabolism that drive quiescence
Mentor: Matthew Sieber, Ph.D.
Department of Physiology

Yu-Hsuan Lin
Title: Identification of circulating factors that control organ size after regeneration
Mentor: Hao Zhu, M.D.
Children’s Research Institute

Five travel fellowships also were awarded to outstanding fellowship proposals.

The awardees are:

Edem Tchegnon
Title: Physiological Function and Regulation of Krox20 (Egr2) in Epithelial Stem Cells
Mentor: Lu Q. Le, M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Dermatology

George Wendt
Title: A hnf4 homolog regulates gut stem cells in the parasitic flatworm Schistosoma mansoni
Mentor: James J. Collins, Ph.D.
Department of Pharmacology

Jiawei Zhao
Title: Differential Requirement of Glucose Transporters Glut1 and Glut3 on Macrophage Polarization
Mentor: Richard Wang, M.D
Department of Dermatology

Lizbeth Perez-Castro
Title: Regulation of colonic stem cell growth and differentiation by intestinal micro-environmental signals
Mentor: Maralice Conacci Sorrell, Ph.D.
Department of Cell Biology

Qinglan Zhao
Title: Regulation of Colon Formation, Repair and Regeneration by a Novel Secreted Micropeptide
Mentor: Yihong Wan, Ph.D.
Department of Pharmacology