Clinical Production Laboratory

The Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Program facility's Clinical Production Laboratory, an ISO7 cleanroom, comprises a laminar air flow (LAF) hood, six mini hot cells, and one dispensing LAF hot cell with manipulators.

Automated radiosynthesis units include:

  • FASTlab synthesizer for 18F-FDG production
  • Tracerlab FX(F-N) for production of 18F nucleophilic-based tracers, e.g. FLT and FMSO
  • Tracerlab Fx MeI and Fx M for production of 11C methyl iodide, methyl triflate, and 11C-tracers.
  • Others systems are available for production of 13N-ammonia and 15O-gas

The laboratory is designed to follow cGMP guidelines for PET radiopharmaceuticals. Under the direction of the Steering Committee, the CRP will file FDA applications for producing human-use radiotracers.

Clinical Production Lab
Hot cells for synthesizing radiolabeled PET tracers