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Parking Locations

Where can I park?

For Employees

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  • Delivery Personnel

    Deliveries/pickups in the loading docks are limited to 30 minutes.

    Delivery Map
  • Loading Zones
    FacilityBuilding Location/Map Code
    Aston Building South Campus (U)
    Health Professions Garage West Campus (V)
    Inner Campus Drive South Campus
    Lot 1 South Campus
    North Campus North Campus (NA, NB, NC, NG, NH)
    Building DocksLocation/Map Code
    C Dock South Campus (between C and U)
    K Dock South Campus (between J and G)
    L Dock South Campus
    S Dock South Campus (adjacent to K)
    Y Dock South Campus (between Y and L, Inner Campus Drive side)
  • Overflow Parking

    The purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a space. Should your normal assigned parking location be full, please note the following overflow parking facilities by location.

    • Faculty Garage 1 >>> Staff Garage 2, Student Garage 3/Lot 4 A&B, Faculty Lot 5, or North Campus Garage
    • Staff Garage 2 >>> Student Garage 3/Lot 4, available street parking
    • Student Garage 3/Lot 4 >>> street parking
    • Faculty Lot 5 >>> Faculty Garage 1, street parking
    • North Campus Garage >>> Bass Center Garage
    • POB Garage >>>  W1 Staff/Visitor Garage
    • Staff/Visitor Garage B >>> POB Garage or W1 Staff/Visitor Garage
    • Faculty/Staff Garage C >>> Staff/Visitor Garage B
    • Faculty/Staff Garage D >>> Staff/Visitor Garage B

Note: Faculty, staff, and students are not considered visitors at any campus parking location, even if they are “visiting” a building on campus other than the one in which they work. Faculty, staff, or students are not allowed to park in “Visitor” parking spaces/areas.

Patient Parking for Employees

If an employee has a medical appointment at a UTSW Medical Facility, they can email our office at 48 hours prior to their appointment to obtain parking authorization on the day of their appointment. Please include name, location of appointment, vehicle plate information along with the date and time of the appointment.

As a reminder any employee who uses a patient validation to obtain patient parking privileges, and who does not receive or is not scheduled for medical services on that date, may be subject to a fine and/or disciplinary action that could include termination of employment.

Employee Medical Appointment FAQ

Repair Personnel and Sales Representatives

If you have not purchased vendor parking, go to Lot 7, Health Professions Garage (adjacent to V), POB Garage, Bass Center Visitor Lot, or Pickens Visitor Garage at North Campus.

Delivery Map

Vendor Parking

  • Vendor Parking
  • FacilityBuilding Location/Map Code
    Clements Imaging Building North Campus (NE)
    Garage 2 South Campus
    Health Professions Garage West Campus (V)
    OPB (W1) Garage West Campus-OPB (W1) Garage
    North Campus (NB)
    South Campus (R)
    Delivery Map

How can I avoid a parking ticket?

Avoid parking tickets by being aware of where and how you park, and follow all parking rules.

Fire Lanes

A red curb identifies a fire lane. Do not park in fire lanes at any time. Parking in fire lanes will result in a $150 fine.

Gate Entry Controls

A badge is required to enter and/or exit most parking areas.

Open Parking 5 p.m. – 6 a.m.

Current fiscal year permits will be honored in all areas from 5 p.m. to 6 a.m. except in all Clements University Hospital garages/lots, patient/visitor parking, Official Guest spaces, Reserved spaces, loading docks, and fire lanes.

Parking Over a 24-Hour Period

If you plan to leave your vehicle on University property for a 24-hour period, you must inform University Police.

Reserved Parking

Named Reserved, Reserved, and Official Guest parking spaces are valid from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, not including holidays.

Street Parking

A valid UT Southwestern permit is required to park in these areas.

Employee Separation

Outstanding citations must be resolved before Parking Services will approve employee separation forms for employees leaving UT Southwestern, and debit/credit cards will be accepted. Once employee separation is completed, the employee may no longer park in employee garages and lots.