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Permits & Fees

Parking Permits

Parking facilities are badge accessed and require a paid virtual parking permit. There is no free parking.

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Purchasing a Virtual Parking Permit

  • Virtual permits are available throughout the year on the Parking Portal. You may pay in full or elect paycheck deduction.
  • The price is on an annual basis.
  • Additional permits for your other vehicle(s) are $40 each (one-time charge per additional permit after the primary permit has been purchased).

Parking Fees

ClassificationFY23 Annual Fee
Faculty, Faculty A&P (Director and above) $760
Faculty $760
Faculty - Handicap $760
Faculty/Physician Reserved $1,535
Faculty Reserved $1,535
Faculty Named Reserved $2,965
Staff Lot Parking $179
Staff Garage Parking $468
Staff – Handicap $179
Resident Parking $123
Students $120
Adjunct Faculty/Retirees $60
Vendor $1,125
Disabled Vet Special Plate $0
Contractor and Temporary Employees – Garage $39/month
Contractor and Temporary Employees – Lot $15/month
Additional Virtual Permit $40 one-time charge

Note: Full-time employees making less than $50,000 a year are eligible for a 12% discount, based on their salary at the beginning of the fiscal year.

Payroll Deduction

UT Southwestern employees (except temporary employees) may have their parking fees deducted (pretax) from their paychecks or pay the full amount at the beginning of the fiscal year. [Approved interdepartmental requisition (IDR) payments must be made for the full fiscal year.]

Credit Card Transactions

Credit cards are accepted for virtual permits, gate cards, and parking citations. Parking Services will not accept University-issued credit cards.

Disabled Employee Parking

Disabled faculty, staff, and students must register to park in designated disabled parking spaces on campus and properly display in/on their vehicle a valid, state of Texas issued Disabled Parking Placard or License Plate. (In the event a handicap space is not available, you may utilize an H-Permit parking space if you have an HF- or HS-permit type.)

About Virtual Parking Permits

What is a virtual permit?

A virtual permit is simply a record of your paid parking registration via your license plate number. Your paid registration of your license plate with UTSW indicates your parking-level privileges.

How is virtual permit parking enforced?

  • Using License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • LPR cameras installed on patrol vehicles scan license plates.
  • Your vehicle license plate number is the identification of your virtual permit.

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