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The Mail Services team at UT Southwestern sorts and distributes incoming and outgoing U.S. mail and interdepartmental mail and operates two licensed U.S. Postal Service post offices.

Our Services

To serve the personal and professional mailing needs of faculty, staff, and students, we offer:

  • Addresses for Incoming Mail (Mail Codes)

    View mailing addresses for locations on:

    • North Campus
    • South Campus
    • West Campus
    • East Campus
    • Off Campus Locations

    The correct zip codes should use the format 75390-XXXX, with XXXX representing the location's four-digit mail code.

  • Stamps

    Purchase stamps with a completed Interdepartmental Requisition Form. All departments should use code class 470.

  • Campus Post Offices

    UT Southwestern Medical Center has two post offices to serve the personal mailing needs of faculty, staff, and students.

    North Campus

    Bass Center Tower 2 (BL), D.106 (bottom level of building) (View Campus Map)

    • Provides the same services as an official U.S. Postal Service post office, except postal money orders.
    • Payment options include cash, credit card, and personal check with a valid driver’s license.
    • Hours of Operations: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday – Friday

    South Campus

    Gooch Building (C) in the University Store C1.002 (View Campus Map)

    • Provides the same services as an official U.S. Postal Service post office, except stamps and postal money orders.
    • Payment options: credit cards only
    • Hours of Operations: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday – Friday
  • Business Reply Mail

    Business Reply Mail (BRM) service enables mailers to receive first class mail by paying postage on the mail which is returned. The permit holder guarantees payment of the appropriate first-class postage plus a handling charge per piece. BRM should not be sent to any foreign countries. All BRM should be bundled separately from regular outgoing mail.

    Note: The U.S. Postal Service has strict preparation requirements for Business Reply Mail. The Mail Services Manager should be contacted for proper format before printing or reprinting business reply envelopes or cards.

  • Interdepartmental Mail

    Interdepartmental mail (loose and/or enveloped memorandums, reprints, publications, and miscellaneous correspondence) is for delivery to an addressee on campus. To provide accurate and timely delivery, Mail Services requires that the intended recipient’s full name and exact mail code be legible on the envelope.


    Verification of Delivery

    For verification of delivery of interdepartmental campus mail, use the Accountable Mail Return Receipt. Much like certified mail, this receipt allows you to verify the mail has been delivered to the recipient (or their designee) by obtaining the signature and time of delivery.

    To use an Accountable Mail Return Receipt:

    • Order a supply of orange Return Receipt cards by calling Mail Services at x50974.
    • Complete Sections 1 and 2 on the front, and include your return address on the back of each orange card.
    • Complete a paper IDR with $2.50 for each mail piece.
    • Give all items to your Mail Services clerk.
    • Mail Services will expedite the return of the completed receipts to you with the signature and time of delivery for your records.

    Pickup & Delivery Schedules

    • Begins at 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., Monday – Friday
    • Outbound U.S. Mail (including Registered, Certified, and Express) is also collected for delivery to the U.S. Post Office by 5 p.m. same day.
  • Outgoing Mail

    Basic Requirements

    • An official UT Southwestern Medical Center envelope
    • A delivery address in all CAPITAL letters
    • A return address (preprinted on official envelopes)
    • A two-letter state abbreviation in CAPITAL letters
    • The ZIP code
    • The five-digit ZIP+4 suffix (if known)
    • Use of common abbreviations (e.g., Ave, Blvd, St, etc.)
    • No punctuation

    Bundling Requirements

    • All pieces must face the same direction.
    • Each bundle must be separated by departmental account number with a UTSW Mail Ticket Form on top. (Save the PDF to your desktop before filling it out.)
    • The type of mailing service must be checked on the postage ticket.
    • Complete the Special Instructions section if a service is required that is not indicated on the postage ticket.
    • Items will be mailed first class and billed accordingly if the type of service is not specified.

    Automatic Sealing Requirements

    • Leave envelope flaps open.
    • Nest the envelopes.
    • Place a postage ticket on top and secure each bundle with a rubber band.
    • Put in department mail slot for pickup by the Mail Services Department.
    • Separate campus mail from U.S. Mail.
  • Administrative Courier Service

    The Administrative Courier has an assigned delivery route connecting specific administrative departments throughout the campus. Departments within this group include:

    • Administration
    • Business Affairs
    • Data Center
    • Purchasing
    • Accounts Payable
    • Payroll
    • Contracts Management

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Download Mail Service Ticket Form

Tip: Be sure to save the PDF before filling it out.


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