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Student Academic Support Services (SASS), in collaboration with preclinical course directors, offers a supplemental peer tutoring program.

The tutorial program aims to:

  • Enhance student learning
  • Facilitate student adaptation to challenging coursework
  • Promote retention-to-graduation

Tutoring is free and open to all students, regardless of academic performance (with an exception for size-limited anatomy lab tutoring). Peer tutors are advanced medical students with an interest in helping fellow students, who have teaching experience and a high level of competency in the course(s) to be tutored.

Group Tutorial Sessions

Group tutorial reviews are typically held once per week for active courses at times that do not conflict with scheduled lectures or labs. SASS notifies the appropriate MS1 or MS2 class via e-mail and invites students to self-enroll online for specific session times.

While participation is voluntary, students are expected to:

  • Register their attendance and provide feedback to their tutors
  • Not use tutoring as a substitute for class attendance
  • Not use tutoring as a substitute for consulting with course faculty