Student Academic Support Services

Student Academic Support Services (SASS) is a resource for all UT Southwestern students to help them achieve their academic potential. The service is provided by caring professionals who are available for confidential personal consultations.

The following services are offered:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can receive SASS services?

The services are available at no charge to all students in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, School of Health Professions, and UT Southwestern Medical School.

Can you help me improve my study habits and learning skills?

Yes. We evaluate your learning needs and provide tips and tools to help you study, read more effectively, and learn the key material for your area of study.

Do you provide time-management strategies?

Yes. We will work with you to develop a time-management plan customized to fit your schedule, balancing the time you need for studying with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Do you offer tutoring services?

Yes. We offer small-group tutoring and pre-exam reviews for entire courses. Our tutors are students who have expertise in the subject. We work closely with course directors to ensure that the tutoring is in line with their expectations.

Do you refer students for outside testing to assess ADHD or learning difficulties?

Yes. We have a comprehensive referral list and can help you find a reputable, credentialed resource.