Division of Neuroradiology Faculty

Division Chief

Dr. Joseph Maldjian

Joseph Maldjian, M.D.
Director, Magnetoencephalography Program
Research Lab

Division Faculty

Dr. Michael Achilleos

Michael Achilleos, M.D.
Assistant Professor

Dr. John Barr

John Barr, M.D.
Chief Radiology Officer, Parkland Memorial Hospital
Director, Neuroradiology Procedures, Parkland Hospital

Dr. David Chason

David Chason, M.D.
Director, Neuroradiology, Parkland Hospital

Dr. John DeBevits

John DeBevits, M.D.
Assistant Professor

Dr. William Moore

William Moore, M.D.
Assistant Professor

Dr. Robin Novakovic

Robin Novakovic, M.D.
Associate Professor

Dr. Marco Pinho

Marco Pinho, M.D.
Associate Professor
Associate Division Chief

Dr. Lee Pride

Lee Pride, M.D.
Director, Interventional Neuroradiology, Parkland Memorial Hospital
Program Director, Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology / Neuroendovascular Fellowship

Dr. Karuna Raj

Karuna Raj, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Associate Program Director, Diagnostic Radiology Residency

Dr. Bhavya Shah

Bhavya Shah, M.D.
Assistant Professor

Dr. Ed Stehel

Ed Stehel, M.D.
Associate Professor

Dr. Linnan Tang

Linnan Tang, M.D, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Dr. William Tom

William Tom, M.D, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Dr. Zerrin Yetkin

Zerrin Yetkin, M.D.
Associate Professor

Dr. Fang Frank Yu

Fang Frank Yu, M.D.
Assistant Professor

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