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Day 11 peri-gastruloid

UT Southwestern stem cell biologists develop embryo model

Researchers in the Hon Lab worked with other UTSW scientists to generate a robust method that prompts human extended pluripotent stem cells to self-organize into embryo-like structures, termed peri-gastruloids.

Green biomolecular condensates

UT Southwestern researchers discover gene regulation mechanism

The Sabari Lab demonstrated how the intrinsically disordered region (IDR) of the MED1 protein is involved in determining which proteins are present in MED1 biomolecular condensates.

Dr. W. Lee Kraus

New drug combination offers hope for improved treatment of cervical cancer

The Kraus Lab discovered that a new combination of drugs slowed the growth of cancer cells by an unexpected mechanism that may one day lead to improved treatment of cervical cancer

Interacting chains of chromatin

UTSW researchers use DNA analysis to diagnose subtypes of heart disease

Researchers working within the UTSW Center for Regulatory Element Variation and Function and several other UTSW departments created a cardiomyopathy diagnostic algorithm using chromatin accessibility signatures.

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