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Medical Students

The Department of Emergency Medicine offers several electives to rising fourth-year medical students that will further their Emergency Medicine education.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our ability to accept visiting students is in flux. As of April 1, 2020, UT Southwestern will not be accepting students until the end of July. We will continue to monitor whether we are able to accept students later in the academic year. Institutional policies should be updated on the UT Southwestern Visiting Student page. When we are able to accept students, please upload the following with your VSLO documents to consider your application completed for review:

  • Step 1 scores (not COMLEX)
  • Letter of interest confirming that you will have completed a 4-week Emergency Medicine course prior to this rotation, and why this rotation interests you

Our electives do not consider non-VSLO visiting applicants.

Four Week Electives

EMED 1901 Selective – Emergency Medicine 
EMED 1902 Selective – Emergency Medicine Sub-I 
EMED 2101 Intro to Emergency Medicine 
EMED 2102 Clinical Toxicology 
EMED 2104 Observation and Clinical Decision Unit Medicine 
EMED 2105 Point of Care Ultrasound 
EMED 2199 Special Topics in Emergency Medicine 

Two Week Electives

EMED 2002 Exploration of Clinical Toxicology 
EMED 2003 Exploration of Point of Care Ultrasound 
EMED 2006 Exploration of Forensic Toxicology and Medicine 

Application Requirements

Before your application will be reviewed by the department, you must submit your application and upload the following documentation into the AAMC Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO). If you or your institution have questions about VSLO authorizations or access to their system, please contact AAMC via

  • Application – VSLO
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Essential functions form – Visiting students must attest to their ability to perform the essential functions before starting a rotation. If applying through VSLO, the form can be uploaded as a supplemental document.
  • Immunization record – Must be verified by your home school in VSLO and be up to date before you will be allowed to start a rotation at UT Southwestern.
  • Medical school transcript
  • Photo