Medical Students

The Department of Emergency Medicine has several different elective choices available to rising fourth-year medical students that will further an Emergency Medicine education.

We participate in the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities. Our courses are available for application when the UT Southwestern catalog opens on April 1. In addition to the materials requested on the UT Southwestern Visiting Student page, please upload the following with your VSLO documents to consider your application completed for review:

  • Step 1 scores (not COMLEX)
  • Letter from your Emergency Medicine clerkship director confirming career intent in Emergency Medicine and successful completion of a four-week MSIII or MSIV Emergency Medicine course

Our electives do not consider non-VSLO visiting applicants.


EMED 1901 Selective – Emergency Medicine 
EMED 1902 Selective – Emergency Medicine Sub-I 

Two Week Electives

EMED 2002 Exploration of Clinical Toxicology 
EMED 2003 Exploration of Point of Care Ultrasound 
EMED 2006 Exploration of Forensic Toxicology and Medicine 

Four Week Electives

EMED 2101 Intro to Emergency Medicine 
EMED 2102 Clinical Toxicology 
EMED 2104 Observation and Clinical Decision Unit Medicine 
EMED 2105 Point of Care Ultrasound 
EMED 2199 Special Topics in Emergency Medicine