Purpose of the Cutaneous Lupus Registry

The purpose of the Cutaneous Lupus Registry is to create a national registry of patients with cutaneous lupus in order to address many unknown questions about this disease. Specifically, we are interested in better understanding the causes of cutaneous lupus and improving our methods of diagnosis, prognosis, and management of this disease. We plan to use information from all patient sources, including medical histories, clinical information, laboratory data, and blood and skin samples in order to answer these questions.

Each study participant will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires, which, for example, will ask about cutaneous and/or systemic lupus history, past medical history, family history, quality of life, and sun protective habits. Patients will also be asked to donate blood and skin samples and undergo digital photography of affected areas.

No treatments will be administered as part of this study, but all participants will be notified of clinical trials being conducted at UT Southwestern Medical Center. This study is for the purpose of data collection only.

UT Southwestern has been enrolling patients in this registry since January 2009.