Registry Enrollment

The Cutaneous Lupus Registry is set up for the registration and data collection of all individuals with a confirmed diagnosis of all subtypes of cutaneous lupus. Normal controls are non-blood related individuals who are not affected with an autoimmune disease. Disease controls are participants who are diagnosed with other immune-mediated skin diseases besides cutaneous lupus.

No treatment is offered in this registry and it is purely for data collection purposes. However, by registering, all participants will be made aware of new clinical trials that may be offered in the future and kept abreast of research discoveries.
Researchers familiar with the study protocol will meet with you at the study visit, explain the purpose of the registry, answer your questions, and screen you to see if you meet all criteria to participate in the study. Eligible subjects will be enrolled into the registry, answer questionnaires, and complete blood work and/or undergo skin biopsy as part of the study. The blood and skin biopsy samples will be used to obtain DNA, blood markers of disease (auto-antibodies), and lymphocytes for isolation. As part of enrollment, we will invite the participant to visit the Dermatology Clinical Research Unit at UT Southwestern Medical Center for digital photography and dermatologist-performed physical examination.