MSTP Curriculum

UT Southwestern ’s Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) recognizes the special niche the M.D./Ph.D. scientist occupies by providing a rigorous but supportive program of clinical and research training. The MSTP can accommodate differences in individual goals by flexible scheduling of the research and clinical years.

The MSTP consists of:

  • Two years of medical school curriculum
  • A minimum of three years of graduate study and dissertation research in an area of basic biomedical science, leading to the Ph.D. degree
  • Clinical studies of the final two years of medical school, leading to the M.D. degree

During their research years, students have the same intimate exposure to a research mentor as other graduate students, where they learn techniques and thought patterns of basic scientists.

During clinical training, M.D./Ph.D. students master clinical skills and develop the same compassion and commitment as all UT Southwestern medical students.