Our Vision 

We intend to build on current institutional strengths to create an exciting new entity that will foster collaborative and synergistic interactions among existing faculty and facilitate the recruitment of outstanding investigators with complementary interests centered on regenerative science and medicine. 

The Hamon Center for Regenerative Science and Medicine will pursue the following goals: 

  • Deciphering the mechanisms of tissue and organ formation and disease
  • Developing innovative strategies for tissue repair and regeneration
  • Educating future generations of scientists and clinicians who will develop this new scientific knowledge and translate it into novel human therapies
  • Organizing educational and community outreach programs
  • Establishing core facilities for creation of patient-specific stem cells as a platform for modeling of human disease
  • Providing fellowships to support students performing research projects on regenerative medicine
  • Building clinical programs and a Regenerative Medicine Consult Service to inform patients and citizens about regenerative therapies
  • Recruitment of new faculty with strengths in regenerative science and medicine