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Equipment, Fees & Services

In addition to microscopes, the QLMC provides access to 3 workstations for offline/online image processing and analysis. Furthermore, the QLMC customizes microscopy training, advises on sample preparation, helps with image quantification, and offers basic microscope maintenance. We can even streamline your data handling and image visualization as well as fully automate your image analysis workflow through customized Fiji macros - if interested contact us. Finally, we are always happy to present image-related subjects in form of a seminar.

EquipmentLocationHourly rate*
Confocal Microscopes
Nikon CSU-W1 SoRa inverted spinning disk confocal with super resolution and FRAP modules NL5.120R $40**
Zeiss LSM 780 inverted confocal/multiphoton NL5.120N $40**
Zeiss LSM 780 upright confocal/multiphoton ND5.740 $40**
Zeiss LSM 880 inverted confocal/multiphoton NL7.134A $40**
Zeiss LSM880 Airyscan inverted confocal with super resolution K1.224 $40**
Super-Resolution Microscopes and TIR-FM  
OMX SR 3D structured illumination (SIM), 2D PALM/STORM, ring TIRF, ... NL5.120R $45/65**
STED (stimulated emission deplition) Abberior Facility Line ND5.720 inquire
Wide-Field Microscopes  
Deltavision Deconvolution wide-field epifluorescence K1.228, NL5.120R $25
Nikon Ti wide-field epifluorescence with color camera for histology and imaging with polarized light NL5.120R $25
Zeiss AxioObserver epifluorescence K1.222 $15
Fluorescent Lifetime Microscope
Fluorescent lifetime imaging (FLIM) - assistance included NL5.120F $50
Dissecting/Stereo Microscopes
Zeiss SteREO Discovery.V12 with Pentafuar S NL7.110M $15
Image Processing Workstations NL5.120P $15
Custom-build microscopes (available through the Microscopy Innovation Lab)
mesoSPIM for cleared specimens (isotropic ~5 µm resolution through very large volumes) Inquire inquire
ctASLMv1 for cleared specimens (isotropic ~700 nm resolution) Inquire inquire
ctASLMv2 for cleared specimens (isotropic ~300 nm resolution) Inquire inquire
OPM for qlmc, high-speed volumetric imaging (~200 nm (xy); ~500 nm (z) resolution) Inquire inquire
Technical assistance (sample preparation, image analysis and quantification, ....)   $60
Assisted image acquisition (rate in addition to microscope fee)   $40
Training  (per session)   $60
Automation of image quantification (i.e. macro-writing for Fiji/ImageJ)   $60
Basic microscope maintenance (objective cleaning, computer maintenance, ...)   $60
Seminar (e.g. "The QLMC", "Fluorescent microscopy", "Digital imaging", "Fiji/ImageJ", ...)   inquire

*View UT Southwestern core facility fee policy (PDF).

** peak hours: 7am-6:30pm. Outside peak hours, systems are available at half price.