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Fast Confocal Imaging

Nikon CSU-W1 with SoRa Super Resolution and Zeiss LSM880 with AiryScan


2-photon Imaging

GFP-tagged protein and mCherry membrane marker in live adult C. elegans. Maximum intensity projection with orthogonal view.


Super-resolution Imaging

GE OMX SR, Nikon CSU-W1 SoRa, and Zeiss LSM880 AiryScan


Spectral Unmixing

Confetti in early post-natal mouse heart


Powerful Analysis Software

Available software packages include among others Imaris (latest version), AutoQuant, Matlab, Fiji, ...

The Quantitative Light Microscopy Core (aka QLMC) not only gives access to state-of-the-art microscopes, but also provides customized microscopy training and advises on sample preparation, image quantification, automation of image analysis and more.

Getting Started and Access

The QLMC uses PPMS core facility management software for all booking, training and billing purposes.

  1. Set Up Your PPMS Account Access and PPMS login
    New users must register for an account with the QLMC on PPMS.
    Refer to our PPMS Quick Start Guide (PDF)
    Register New PPMS Account
  2. Complete Your Required Training
    Training on each system is required for autonomous use and to access the corresponding PPMS sign-up calendar. If you are unsure what imaging modality best fits your needs, please us.
    Submit Training Request
  3. Keep Us Informed & Acknowledge QLMC in Publications
    For the QLMC, it is of outmost importance that you inform us of, and acknowledge the QLMC in, any publications containing data (images and/or quantification) acquired on our microscopes or with our help. This is the most important metric various funding sources consider for supporting new microscope setups.
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Imaging Modalities

  • Widefield
  • Confocal
  • Total internal reflection
  • Super resolution
  • Fluorescent Lifetime imaging
  • Lightsheet

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