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Thinking about light microscopy? Whether or not you are within the UT system, from other academic institutions or working in non-/for-profit entities, the Quantitative Light Microscopy Core (aka QLMC) aims to provide A-to-Z solutions for your microscopy projects. We advise on sample preparation and imaging modality. Then, using your samples, you'll receive personalized training on one of our state-of-the-art microscopes. Finally, we can help with customized image quantification, automation of image analysis, and more. Working with us is easy:

  1. Set up your QLMC account on PPMS
    Please refer to our PPMS Quick Start (PDF) for "How to"
  2. Submit a training request
    Training is required to access our systems: click for an overview of our microscopes.
    Not sure which microscope to use? Just us.
  3. Reserve a given microscope
    Sign up for the required time - pay attention to our cancellation and data management policies.
  4. Keep us informed and acknowledge QLMC in publications.
    For funding purposes, acknowledgements are REALLY important to us! Please let us know when you publish.

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The QLMC team