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2019 Article Archive

UT Southwestern joins in mourning T. Boone Pickens Jr., a catalyst for progress appreciated for his exceptional generosity


T. Boone Pickens Jr., whose committed humanitarianism, legendary generosity, and steadfast friendship graced UT Southwestern Medical Center for decades, died on Wednesday at the age of 91.

Study suggests antibody might be a new tool to fight obesity


UT Southwestern researchers report that lowering levels of the hormone leptin can reduce obesity, overeating, and the insulin resistance tied to diabetes – and they have found an antibody that can do that.

Surgical masks as good as respirators for flu and respiratory virus protection


The study reported “no significant difference in the effectiveness” of medical masks vs. N95 respirators for prevention of influenza or other viral respiratory illness.

Largest Texas high schools to report all concussions to statewide registry


Starting this fall, the biggest public high schools in Texas are required to report all sports concussions to a central database as part of one of the nation’s largest statewide endeavors to track brain injuries in youth athletics.

Study shows hunger-blocking hormone levels change with eating, obesity


The hormone LEAP2, which naturally blocks the “hunger” hormone ghrelin, is elevated in people with obesity, especially after eating – raising hopes for a treatment that could one day more effectively reduce appetite and, hence, obesity.

Study: Optimal combination of chest compression frequency and depth for CPR identified


An international research consortium including UT Southwestern Emergency Medicine faculty was able to identify what is likely an optimal combination of chest compression frequency and depth when performing CPR.

Manipulating dose, timing of two therapies significantly reduces relapse in mouse models of breast cancer, lung cancer


Changing the standard dose and timing of two therapies greatly cut tumor relapse and reduced side effects in mouse models of kinase mutated breast cancer and lung cancer.

Study proves hepatitis C drugs reduce liver-related deaths by nearly half


Antiviral drugs for hepatitis C reduce liver-related deaths by nearly 50 percent in patients with a history of liver cancer.

In memoriam: Cell biologist Dr. Woodring Wright made seminal discoveries on aging and cancer development


Dr. Woodring Erik Wright, Professor Emeritus of Cell Biology, passionate educator, and scientific trailblazer in the fight against aging and cancer, died on Aug. 2. He was 70.

Targeted radiation controls metastatic kidney cancer


Investigators report an innovative strategy for treating advanced kidney cancer.