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Protein associated with Alzheimer's also causes dysfunction in fat cells, increasing obesity, diabetes risk


A protein linked to Alzheimer’s disease in the brain also causes problems in the body’s fat cells, where it invades the cells’ energy centers, increasing obesity and the risk of diabetes.

UT Southwestern expands to RedBird


UT Southwestern and Reimagine RedBird have signed an agreement for UT Southwestern to establish a new medical center, expanding health care services, and providing southern Dallas residents more convenient access to UT Southwestern’s best-in-class medical care in their own community.

Criteria for clinical trials might be too strict, needlessly excluding patients


Federal regulations may keep lung cancer patients out of clinical trials simply because these patients are on medications that might affect the electrical system of the heart.

New software tool uses AI to help doctors identify cancer cells


UT Southwestern researchers have developed a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to recognize cancer cells from digital pathology images – giving clinicians a powerful way of predicting patient outcomes.

UTSW appoints accomplished security executive as Chief Information Security Officer


After an extensive national search, Byron Davis, an accomplished technology security executive with more than two decades of experience in private and government sectors, has been selected as Associate Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Two life threatening problems, one surgery


Juan Cueto did not feel sick, but he was losing weight rapidly and was devastated with the knowledge that he had two life threatening diseases, cancer and a liver disease.

Biomarker blood test could reveal high risk heart patients in need of treatment


A new blood test for protein biomarkers could identify high risk heart patients.

Bloodlines may matter more than love when it comes to health


Strained relationships with parents, siblings or extended family members may be more harmful to people’s health than a troubled relationship with a significant other, according to a study published by the American Psychological Association.

Three-drug combo improves lung function in most common genetic form of cystic fibrosis


A phase three clinical trial that UT Southwestern participated in determined that a three-drug combination improved lung function and reduced symptoms in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients who have a single copy of the most common genetic mutation for the disease.

‘I’d found my people’: Triple negative breast cancer patient builds community at UTSW


Sandra McKinney grew so attached to the Simmons Cancer Center at UT Southwestern that she decided to fly back for follow-up appointments instead of finding a new provider when she moved to New Jersey.