To offer a variety of quality educational, physical, and leisure experiences that act as a diversion from the inevitable stresses associated with a medical center environment.


We develop, inform, and inspire people to be balanced, active, and caring.

Student Development

The Bryan Williams, M.D. Student Center impacts students' lives by providing them with opportunities to succeed. These opportunities come in the form of responsibility, leadership, conflict resolution, customer service, problem solving, and other social skills. By teaching students about understanding the nuances of human interaction, leading by example, and trusting them with job responsibilities, they gain one of the greatest tools in life: experience.

Centennial of Collegiate Recreation, 1913 – 2013

Explore the past 100 years of collegiate recreation: where it began, how it's evolved, and where it's heading. Join NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation in continuing to celebrate and discover the history of our profession.

Video and content courtesy of NIRSA.