Student Health Insurance FAQs

See common insurance terms.

Enrolling in AcademicBlue?

How do I enroll in AcademicBlue℠?
When should I enroll in AcademicBlue℠?
Can I add my dependents/dental to my insurance coverage?
What is the cost of the health insurance coverage from AcademicBlue℠?
I waived the student health insurance plan, but have recently lost my insurance coverage. Can I still enroll in the student insurance plan?
As a qualified student enrolled at a UT System institution, am I guaranteed coverage under the student health insurance plan?
Leave of Absence and Student Health Insurance - Am I covered?
How do I know when it's open enrollment each term?
How do I find a provider who accepts AcademicBlue℠ Student Health Plan?
How do I contact AcademicBlue℠?

AcademicBlue℠ ID Cards

Where/When will I receive my insurance ID card?

Submitting a Waiver Showing Evidence of Alternate Insurance Coverage

Do I have to enroll in the UT System sponsored plan?
What if I'm covered under my parent's or spouse's health insurance, or I have other coverage?
How do I submit a waiver showing evidence of alternate insurance coverage?
What happens if I cancel my waiver?
What happens if my waiver is denied?
How do I know if UT Southwestern will accept my alternate insurance coverage?
Are there other requirements that I must meet for my alternate insurance coverage to meet requirements?
Do I have to submit a waiver each semester?
What happens if I do not enroll in AcademicBlue℠ Student Health Plan or waive the Student Health Insurance requirement by the first class day of the term?
Can I change my option from election (Graduate School students) or automatic enrollment (Medical School and Health Professions students) to waive?
I am a UT Southwestern employee taking classes; does the student health insurance policy requirement apply to me?
I have an International plan from my home country. Will this plan be accepted?