Academy for Performance Excellence (APEX)

The Academy for Performance Excellence at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center encourages a culture of performance excellence and patient safety. The Academy provides training and a recognition program for UT Southwestern Medical Center faculty, fellows, residents, students, nurses, and staff who are committed to lifelong learning, improvement activities, and scholarship in patient safety and performance improvement (PI).

The program rewards competency-based education, practical application of performance/quality improvement knowledge, and scholarly activities related to leadership, performance improvement methodology, and high-reliability principles. Individuals who accomplish defined milestones in performance improvement education, project completion, and scholarly activity can progress through a process that recognizes their achievements and competence.

All submitted applications are reviewed by a committee of Quality Professionals. Applicants not recognized are provided feedback and encouraged to reapply.

Competence Levels

Individuals can gain membership and advance in APEX by demonstrating levels of competence in quality improvement education, project participation, and scholarship. The defined competence levels are:

  • Blue
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Program Activities

APEX program participants accumulate activity points in the areas of:

  • Personal education
  • Participation in performance improvement activities
  • Publication or presentation of performance improvement activities
  • Successful quality/performance improvement grant application
  • Mentoring of quality improvement mentees

The APEX program is intended to recognize UT Southwestern faculty, staff, trainees, and students.

Apply to APEX

APEX Award Recipients

Platinum GoldSilverBronzeBlue
Phillip Greilich, M.D., MSc   Pranavi V. Sreeramoju, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A. Susan Neill-Fogus, B.S.N., RN Jamie Morgan, M.D. Denise McCauley, BBA
    Rodney Chen, M.D. Bradley Goettl, DNP, APRN, FNP-C Kristina Ciaglia, M.D. Summera Zaheer, M.H.A., CLSSGB
    Venkatakrishna Kakkilaya, M.D. Monica Saripella Amie Swindle, MSN, CPPS   
    John Bennett, Ph.D.  Doramarie Arocha, Ph.D., CIC  Salman Moti, DHA, MPH


        Sebastian Busto, BSIE, CLSSBB  
        Fatemah Behina  
        Maria Valentina Harmjanz  
        Christopher Prado  
        Perpetuah Sherman  
        Brenden Garrett