The Pediatric Surgery service is based at Children's Health℠ Children's Medical Center with most of the neonatal patients cared for in the Special Care Nursery of Parkland Hospital, which is contiguous with Children's. The Pediatric Surgery Service at Children's includes full-time UT Southwestern Medical Center faculty and clinical faculty.

Clinical activities of the full-time faculty include special interests in the treatment of children with vascular disease, tumors, a need for advanced minimally invasive surgical procedures, and those with serious injuries.

Clinic Programs

The Center for Pediatric Pectus and Chest Wall Anomalies at Children’s Health

Located both in Dallas and Plano, the clinic delivers comprehensive care to diagnose, evaluate, and treat chest wall anomalies in infants, children, and teens. The Plano location is the first hospital in the state with a clinic staffed by a team member trained in using the Dynamic Compression Bracing System.

Children’s Health Bariatric Surgical Center

The Center works with adolescents and their families to address obesity. The clinic provides medical, surgical, nutritional, emotional, and social support necessary for successful outcomes for adolescents who are candidates for weight loss surgery.

Pediatric GI/Abdominal Surgery

Covering intestinal disorders to abdominal tumors, pediatric surgeons of the GI/Abdominal Surgery program employ minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat patients.

Pediatric Trauma and Critical Care

As the first pediatric hospital in Texas to be designated as a Level I trauma center, Children’s Medical Center is prepared to treat complex trauma or isolated injuries.

Colorectal and Pelvic Center

The center provides care for children born with complex bowel and bladder conditions, such as Anorectal Malformations/Imperforate Anus (IA), Hirschsprung Disease, and sacrococcygeal teratomas. They are one of the few pediatric hospitals in the country with a coordinated, multi-disciplinary program to care for these children throughout their childhood and adolescence. They perform reconstructive surgery and offer a bowel management program to help children manage their associated bowel issues.