Section of Anatomy

Using dissection-based instruction, more than 360 medical and health professions students each year explore the intricacies of the human anatomy and its variations to build the foundational knowledge necessary for their clinical education and practice.

The faculty members of the Section of Anatomy provide hands-on training in a newly built, state-of-the-art anatomy laboratory. This training is an integral part of our students’ journey to become well-rounded professionals. As our learners dissect in small groups, they develop important team skills, such as collaboration, communication, and leadership.

We also incorporate active learning methods, such as Team-Based Learning and Case-Based Learning. During these activities, students are presented with clinical cases through which they can apply their anatomical knowledge and further develop clinical reasoning skills. We work closely with clinicians from various specialties to develop these cases; in particular, the integration of radiology content provides early exposure to clinical practice.

Learning Resources

Our faculty have developed a variety of high-quality resources that are proprietary to UT Southwestern, including:

  • An illustrated dissection manual
  • On-demand lecture videos
  • Narrated dissection videos
  • Collections of annotated radiographic images and CT scans

These teaching tools are tailored to the educational needs of our students and are regularly revised and updated to reflect the innovative curriculum at UT Southwestern.

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Excellence in Teaching

Our faculty also contributes to the educational mission of UT Southwestern beyond their direct teaching responsibilities. Many faculty members actively contribute to the mission of the Southwestern Academy of Teachers (SWAT), serve in leadership roles in educational committees, such as the Active Learning Committee, and regularly present at professional meetings.

The excellence and dedication of our faculty members has been repeatedly recognized by our students, SWAT, and the Board of Regents of the University of Texas System.