The Medical Physics Division provides diagnostic physics support for UT Southwestern's University Hospital and Clinics, Parkland Health and Hospital System, and Children’s Health. These activities include:

  • Annual equipment performance checks
  • Specification and acceptance testing of new imaging equipment
  • Facility design
  • Radiation shielding design and inspection
  • Radiation dose estimation (including fetal doses) for exposure of patients and personnel
  • Radiation dose management and tracking
  • Accreditation support 
  • Regulatory support
  • General oversight of modality quality assurance programs
  • Troubleshooting of image quality problems

The Diagnostic Medical Physics Group also supports clinical research by providing radiation dose estimates, supporting QA requirements, and assisting in developing specialized acquisition protocols as needed. It also works closely with a separate institutional Radiation Safety group to provide regulatory support to UT Southwestern and its associated hospital and clinics.