Postdoctoral Research

The Department of Psychiatry has a strong history of postdoctoral participation in basic and translational research. Our postdoctoral researchers focus on the fundamental processes controlling brain function at the molecular, genetic, and cellular levels as it relates to abnormalities in various neuropsychiatric disorders.

Studies investigate how alterations in genes, gene expression, signal transduction pathways, and neuroplasticity contribute to mental illness including schizophrenia, autism, depression, anxiety, and addiction. In addition, our research investigates brain circuit-specific pathways in the regulation of complex behavior including learning and memory, circadian rhythms, mood, and motivation.

All psychiatry postdoctoral researchers participate in UT Southwestern’s formal Postdoctoral Training Program. The program is designed to provide a structured environment to train and equip new investigators through their postgraduate career to propel them toward independent research.

Departmental postdoctoral trainees participate in Works-In-Progress Meetings, which highlight the ongoing work of our research laboratories and provide a venue for interactions with our clinicians exploring translational work.

Explore open postdoctoral positions in the Department of Psychiatry.

Candidates with specific research-interests are invited to explore our current research and contact our faculty directly.