Neuroscience Publications


Stenesen D, Moehlman AT, Schellinger JN, Rodan AR, Krämer H (2019)

The glial sodium-potassium-2-chloride cotransporter is required for synaptic transmission in the Drosophila visual system.

Sci Reps 9(1):2475

PMID: 30792494


Liu Y, Sugiura Y, Chen F, Lee KF, Ye Q, Lin W (2019)

Blocking skeletal muscle DHPRs/Ryr1 prevents neuromuscular synapse loss in mutant mice deficient in type III Neuregulin 1 (CRD-Nrg1).

PLoS Genet 15(3):e1007857.

PMID: 3087043


Cheon S, Kaur K, Nijem N, Tuncay IO, Kumar P, Dean M, Juusola J, Guillen-Sacoto MJ, Bedoukian E, Ierardi-Curto L, Kaplan P, Schaefer GB, Mishra P, Chahrour MH (2019)

The ubiquitin ligase UBE3B, disrupted in intellectual disability and absent speech, regulates metabolic pathways by targeting BCKDK.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 116(9):3662-3667.       

PMID: 30808755


Moehlman AT, Casey AK, Servage K, Orth K, Krämer H (2018)

Adaptation to constant light requires Fic-mediated AMPylation of BiP to protect against reversible photoreceptor degeneration.

eLife 7, e38752.

PMID: 30015618


Talebian A, Britton R, Henkemeyer M (2018)

Abnormalities in cortical interneuron subtypes in ephrin-B mutant mice.

Eur J Neurosci 48(2):1803-1817.

PMID: 29904965


Kelenis D, Hart E, Edwards-Fligner M, Johnson JE, Vue TY (2018)

ASCL1 regulates proliferation of NG2-glia in the embryonic and adult spinal cord.

Glia 66:1862-1880.

PMID: 29683222


Lin PY, Kavalali ET, Monteggia LM (2018)

Genetic Dissection of Presynaptic and Postsynaptic BDNF-TrkB Signaling in Synaptic Efficacy of CA3-CA1 Synapses.

Cell Rep 24(6):1550-1561.

PMID: 30089265


Chanaday NL, Kavalali ET (2018)

Optical detection of three modes of endocytosis at hippocampal synapses.

Elife 7. pii: e36097.

PMID: 29683423


Wu H, Yesilyurt HG, Yoon J, Terman JR (2018)

The MICALs are a Family of F-actin Dismantling Oxidoreductases Conserved from Drosophila to Humans.

Sci Rep 8(1):937.

PMID: 29343822


Usui N, Co M, Harper M, Rieger MA, Dougherty JD, Konopka G (2017)

Sumoylation of FOXP2 Regulates Motor Function and Vocal Communication Through Purkinje Cell Development.

Biol Psychiatry 81(3):220-230.

PMID: 27009683


Fontenot MR, Berto S, Liu Y, Werthmann G, Douglas C, Usui N, Gleason K, Tamminga CA, Takahashi JS, Konopka G (2017)

Novel transcriptional networks regulated by CLOCK in human neurons.

Genes Dev 31(21):2121-2135.   

PMID: 29196536


Usui N, Araujo DJ, Kulkarni A, Co M, Ellegood J, Harper M, Toriumi K, Lerch JP, Konopka G (2017)

Foxp1 regulation of neonatal vocalizations via cortical development.

Genes Dev 31(20):2039-2055.

PMID: 29138280


Guo H, Kunwar K, Smith D (2017)

Odorant Receptor Sensitivity Modulation in Drosophila.

J Neurosci 37(39):9465-9473.

PMID: 28871035


Chang CW, Wilkerson JR, Hale CF, Gibson JR, Huber KM (2017)

Distinct stages of synapse elimination are induced by burst firing of CA1 neurons and differentially require MEF2A/D.

Elife 6. pii: e26278.

PMID: 28901289


Rajkovich KE, Loerwald KW, Hale CF, Hess CT, Gibson JR, Huber KM (2017)

Experience-Dependent and Differential Regulation of Local and Long-Range Excitatory Neocortical Circuits by Postsynaptic Mef2c.

Neuron 93(1):48-56.

PMID: 27989458


Talebian A, Britton R, Ammanuel S, Bepari A, Sprouse F, Birnbaum SG, Szabó G, Tamamaki N, Gibson J, Henkemeyer M (2017)

Autonomous and non-autonomous roles for ephrin-B in interneuron migration.

Dev Biol 431(2):179-193. doi: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2017.09.024. Epub 2017 Sep 22.

PMID: 28947178


Mona B, Uruena A, Ma, Z, Borromeo MD, Kollipara RK, Chang JC, Johnson JE (2017)

Repression by PRDM13 is critical for generating precise neuronal identity.

eLIFE 6. pii: e25787.

PMID: 28850031


Nandi N, Tyra LK, Stenesen D, Krämer H (2017)

Stress-induced Cdk5 activity enhances cytoprotective basal autophagy in Drosophila melanogaster by phosphorylating acinus at serine437.

Elife 6. pii: e30760.

PMID: 29227247


Schaukowitch K, Reese AL, Kim SK, Kilaru G, Joo JY, Kavalali ET, Kim TK (2017)

An Intrinsic Transcriptional Program Underlying Synaptic Scaling during Activity Suppression.

Cell Rep 18(6):1512-1526.

PMID: 28178527


Crawford DC, Ramirez DM, Trauterman B, Monteggia LM, Kavalali ET (2017)

Selective molecular impairment of spontaneous neurotransmission modulates synaptic efficacy.

Nat Commun 8:14436.

PMID: 28186166


Horvath PM, Kavalali ET, Monteggia LM (2017)

CRISPR/Cas9 system-mediated impairment of synaptobrevin/VAMP function in postmitotic hippocampal neurons.

J Neurosci Methods 278:57-64.

PMID: 28025172


Afuwape OA, Wasser CR, Schikorski T, Kavalali ET (2017)

Synaptic vesicle pool-specific modification of neurotransmitter release by intravesicular free radical generation.

J Physiol 595(4):1223-1238.

PMID: 27723113


Salpietro V, Lin W, Delle Vedove A, Storbeck M, Liu Y, Efthymiou S, Manole A, Wiethoff S, Ye Q, Saggar A, McElreavey K, Krishnakumar SS; SYNAPS Study Group, Pitt M, Bello OD, Rothman JE, Basel-Vanagaite L, Hubshman MW, Aharoni S, Manzur AY, Wirth B, Houlden H (2017)

Homozygous mutations in VAMP1 cause a presynaptic congenital myasthenic syndrome.

Ann Neurol 81(4):597-603.

PMID: 28253535


Yoon J, Kim SB, Ahmed G, Shay JW, Terman JR (2017)

Amplification of F-Actin Disassembly and Cellular Repulsion by Growth Factor Signaling.

Dev Cell 42(2):117-129.e8.

PMID: 28689759 


Pohlkamp T, Xiao L, Sultana R, Bepari A, Bock HH, Henkemeyer M, Herz J (2016)

Ephrin Bs and canonical Reelin signalling.

Nature 539(7630):E4-E6.

PMID: 27882975


Mona B, Avila JM, Meredith DM, Kollipara RK, Johnson JE (2016)

Regulating the dorsal neural tube expression of Ptf1a through a distal 3' enhancer.

Dev Biol 418(1):216-225.

PMID: 27350561


Borromeo MD, Savage TK, Kollipara RK, He M, Augustyn A, Osborne JK, Girard L, Minna JD, Gazdar AF, Cobb MH, Johnson JE (2016)

ASCL1 and NEUROD1 reveal heterogeneity in pulmonary neuroendocrine tumors and regulate distinct genetic programs.

Cell Rep 16, 1-14.

PMID: 27452466


Mahgoub M, Adachi M, Suzuki K, Liu X, Kavalali ET, Chahrour MH, Monteggia LM (2016)

MeCP2 and histone deacetylases 1 and 2 in dorsal striatum collectively suppress repetitive behaviors.

Nat Neurosci 19(11):1506-1512.

PMID: 27668390


Grintsevich EE, Yesilyurt HG, Rich SK, Hung RJ, Terman JR, Reisler E (2016)

F-actin dismantling through a redox-driven synergy between Mical and cofilin.

Nat Cell Biol 18(8):876-85.

PMID: 27454820


Loerwald KW, Patel AB, Huber KM, Gibson JR (2015)

Postsynaptic mGluR5 promotes evoked AMPAR-mediated synaptic transmission onto neocortical layer 2/3 pyramidal neurons during development.

J Neurophysiol 113(3):786-95.

PMID: 25392167


Akbar MA, Mandraju R, Tracy C, Hu W, Pasare C, Krämer H (2015)

ARC Syndrome-Linked Vps33B Protein Is Required for Inflammatory Endosomal Maturation and Signal Termination.

Immunity 45(2):267-79.

PMID: 27496733


Stenesen D, Moehlman AT, Krämer H (2015)

The carcinine transporter CarT is required in Drosophila photoreceptor neurons to sustain histamine recycling.

Elife 4:e10972.

PMID: 26653853


Lee IT, Chang AS, Manandhar M, Shan Y, Fan J, Izumo M, Ikeda Y, Motoike T, Dixon S, Seinfeld JE, Takahashi JS, Yanagisawa M (2015)

Neuromedin s-producing neurons act as essential pacemakers in the suprachiasmatic nucleus to couple clock neurons and dictate circadian rhythms.

Neuron 85(5):1086-102.

PMID: 25741729


Fan J, Zeng H, Olson DP, Huber KM, Gibson JR, Takahashi JS (2015)

Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP)-expressing neurons in the suprachiasmatic nucleus provide sparse GABAergic outputs to local neurons with circadian regulation occurring distal to the opening of postsynaptic GABAA ionotropic receptors.

J Neurosci 35(5):1905-20.

PMID: 25653351


Yuengert R, Hori K, Kibodeaux EE, McClellan JX, Morales JE, Huang TP, Neul JL, Lai HC (2015)

Origin of a non-Clarke’s column division of the dorsal spinocerebellar tract and the role of caudal proprioceptive neurons in motor function.

Cell Rep 13(6): 1258-1271.

PMID: 26527010


Liu Y, Li H, Sugiura Y, Han W, Gallardo G, Khvotchev M, Zhang Y, Kavalali ET, Südhof TC, Lin W (2015)

Ubiquitin-Synaptobrevin Fusion Protein Causes Degeneration of Presynaptic Motor Terminals in Mice.

J Neurosci 35(33):11514-31.

PMID: 26290230


Wilkerson JR, Tsai NP, Maksimova MA, Wu H, Cabalo NP, Loerwald KW, Dictenberg JB, Gibson JR, Huber KM (2014)

A role for dendritic mGluR5-mediated local translation of Arc/Arg3.1 in MEF2-dependent synapse elimination.

Cell Rep 7(5):1589-1600.

PMID: 24857654


Nandi N, Tyra LK, Stenesen D, Krämer H (2014)

Acinus integrates AKT1 and subapoptotic caspase activities to regulate basal autophagy.

J Cell Biol 207(2):253-68.

PMID: 25332163


Borromeo MD, Meredith DM, Castro D, Chang JC, Tung KC, Guillemot F, Johnson JE (2014)

Transcription factor network specifying inhibitory versus excitatory neurons in the dorsal spinal cord. Development 141:2803-2812.

PMID: 24924197


Vue TY, Kim EJ, Parras CM, Guillemot F, Johnson JE (2014)

Ascl1 controls the number and distribution of astrocytes and oligodendrocytes in the gray matter and white matter of the spinal cord.

Development 141:3721-3731.

PMID: 25249462


Izumo M, Pejchal M, Schook AC, Lange RP, Walisser JA, Sato TR, Wang X, Bradfield CA, Takahashi JS (2014)

Differential effects of light and feeding on circadian organization of peripheral clocks in a forebrain Bmal1 mutant.

Elife 3. e04617.

PMID: 25525750


Sephton CF, Tang AA, Kulkarni A, West J, Brooks M, Stubblefield JJ, Liu Y, Zhang MQ, Green CB, Huber KM, Huang EJ, Herz J, Yu G (2014)

Activity-dependent FUS dysregulation disrupts synaptic homeostasis.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 111(44):E4769-78.

PMID: 25324524


Yoo SH, Mohawk JA, Siepka SM, Shan Y, Huh SK, Hong HK, Kornblum I, Kumar V, Koike N, Xu M, Nussbaum J, Liu X, Chen Z, Chen ZJ, Green CB, Takahashi JS (2013).

Competing E3 ubiquitin ligases govern circadian periodicity by degradation of CRY in nucleus and cytoplasm.

Cell 152(5):1091-105.

PMID: 23452855


Kumar V, Kim K, Joseph C, Kourrich S, Yoo SH, Huang HC, Vitaterna MH, de Villena FP, Churchill G, Bonci A, Takahashi JS (2013)

C57BL/6N mutation in cytoplasmic FMRP interacting protein 2 regulates cocaine response.

Science 342(6165):1508-12. PMID: 24357318


Jakkamsetti V, Tsai NP, Gross C, Molinaro G, Collins KA, Nicoletti F, Wang KH, Osten P, Bassell GJ, Gibson JR, Huber KM (2013)

Experience-induced Arc/Arg3.1 primes CA1 pyramidal neurons for metabotropic glutamate receptor-dependent long-term synaptic depression.

Neuron 80(1):72-9.

PMID: 24094104


Chang JC, Meredith DM, Mayer PR, Borromeo MD, Lai HC, Ou YH, Johnson JE (2013)

Prdm13 mediates the balance of inhibitory and excitatory neurons in somatosensory circuits.

Dev Cell 25(2):182-95.

PMID: 23639443


Bal M, Leitz J, Reese AL, Ramirez DM, Durakoglugil M, Herz J, Monteggia LM, Kavalali ET (2013)

Reelin mobilizes a VAMP7-dependent synaptic vesicle pool and selectively augments spontaneous neurotransmission.

Neuron 80(4):934-46.

PMID: 24210904


Choi HY, Liu Y, Tennert C, Sugiura Y, Karakatsani A, Kröger S, Johnson EB, Hammer RE, Lin W, Herz J (2013)

APP interacts with LRP4 and agrin to coordinate the development of the neuromuscular junction in mice.

Elife 2:e00220.

PMID: 23986861


Hung RJ, Spaeth CS, Yesilyurt HG, Terman JR (2013)

SelR reverses Mical-mediated oxidation of actin to regulate F-actin dynamics.

Nat Cell Biol 15(12):1445-54.

PMID: 24212093


Ramirez DM, Khvotchev M, Trauterman B, Kavalali ET (2012)

Vti1a identifies a vesicle pool that preferentially recycles at rest and maintains spontaneous neurotransmission.

Neuron 73(1):121-34.

PMID: 2224375


Raingo J, Khvotchev M, Liu P, Darios F, Li YC, Ramirez DM, Adachi M, Lemieux P, Toth K, Davletov B, Kavalali ET (2012)

VAMP4 directs synaptic vesicles to a pool that selectively maintains asynchronous neurotransmission.

Nat Neurosci 15(5):738-45.

PMID: 22406549


Huang N, Chelliah Y, Shan Y, Taylor CA, Yoo SH, Partch C, Green CB, Zhang H, Takahashi JS (2012)

Crystal structure of the heterodimeric CLOCK:BMAL1 transcriptional activator complex.

Science 337(6091):189-94.

PMID: 22653727