Biophysics Seminars

The Department of Biophysics hosts a vibrant seminar series, where senior leaders and rising stars discuss their latest work and spend a day meeting with faculty, postdocs, and students. Seminars are held on the second Thursday of each month. The sessions alternate with the Molecular Biophysics Discussion group (hosted by the Molecular Biophysics Graduate Program) and the Department of Biochemistry seminars.

Lectures are held at noon in ND13.218 unless otherwise noted.

DateSpeaker and Seminar TitleHost
Sept. 14

David Kovar, Ph.D. – Professor, University of Chicago, Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology

Mechano-inhibition of Actin Assembly During Cell Division

Luke Rice, Ph.D.
Oct. 12

Clay Clark, Ph.D. – Professor and Chair of Biology, University of Texas at Arlington

Evolution of Caspase Allostery

Elizabeth Goldsmith, Ph.D.
Nov. 9

Mei Hong, Ph.D. – Professor of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Structure and Assembly of Membrane Proteins and Amyloid Fibrils from Solid-State NMR

Kendra Frederick, Ph.D.
Jan. 11

Dan Fletcher, Ph.D. – Professor, University of California at Berkeley, Department of Bioengineering

When push comes to shove:  Physical segregation at cell-cell contacts

Jonathon Ditlev, Ph.D.
Feb. 8

Charampalos Kalodimos, Ph.D. – Professor, Massachusetts University of Minnesota, College of Biological Sciences

Molecular Chaperones in Action

Jose Rizo Rey, Ph.D.
Mar. 9

Deborah Wuttke, Ph.D. – Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder, Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

Tying Up the Ends: Myriad Ways to Recognize Telomeres

Mike Rosen, Ph.D.
Apr. 12


Khuloud Jaqaman, Ph.D.
May 10

Tim Springer, Ph.D. – Professor, Harvard Medical School, Department of Medicine

Title "A Novel Milieu Molecule for TGF-β Required for Microglia Function"

Daniel Rosenbaum, Ph.D.
Jun. 6

Martin Pilhofer, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, ETH Zurich, Department of Biology

Title “Structure, Function, and Evolution of Bacterial Contractile Injection Systems"

Mike Rosen, Ph.D.
Jun. 7

Carrie Partch, Ph.D. – Associate Professor, University of California at Santa Cruz, Chemistry Department

“Dissecting the Molecular Basis for Circadian Timekeeping

Elizabeth Goldsmith, Ph.D.