Community Service

UT Southwestern Medical Center students have traditionally shown a deep interest in community service. Getting involved is easy – we offer volunteer opportunities in a variety of sizes and venues. Below are some of the ways our students get involved in the community. Visit the Bryan Williams, M.D. Student Center for more opportunities.

Community Action Research Track (CART)

Associated with the Department of Family and Community Medicine, the for-credit CART Program offers medical students opportunities to:

  • Promote healthier behaviors.
  • Address key health issues within communities.
  • Engage in service-learning activities with underserved populations.

Immunization Roundup

Every spring the Pediatric Interest Group joins local leaders and nurses to provide free immunizations and general health screenings at a Dallas-area elementary school.

Science Mentoring and Tutoring

UT Southwestern students help middle and elementary school students unravel the mysteries of science at two nearby schools.

STD Lectures

First- and second-year medical students provide information on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to Dallas middle school students to help stop the spread of STDs and give adolescents the information they need to protect themselves.

The Monday Clinic

A free weekly clinic for adult patients operated by volunteer medical students from UT Southwestern under the supervision of UT Southwestern physicians, as well as the Dallas community. A great interactive learning environment for students. 

United to Serve Health Fair

A UT System-wide day of service is held in April each year. The United to Serve Health Fair includes health screenings, presentations about how the body works, games, and prizes for the kids.