Recent Dissertation Titles

Dissertation titles authored by doctoral degree conferees in the past two academic years. Titles are listed with student's name and mentor.

“Liver Receptor Homolog-1 Regulates Kisspeptin Expression in the Arcuate Nucleus to Promote Reproductive Axis Function.”
Stan Atkin
Mentors: David Mangelsdorf, Ph.D./Steven Kliewer, Ph.D.
“Trimming Fat upon Infection: Proteolytic Demyristoylation as a Novel Bacterial Pathogenic Strategy.”
Nikolay Burnaevskiy
Mentor: Neal Alto, Ph.D.
“Utilizing Drosophila S2 Cells as a Model System to Determine Underlying Mechanisms of ER-Associated Degradation.”
Rebecca Faulkner
Mentor: Russell Debose-Boyd, Ph.D.
“Spindle Checkpoint at Kinetochores.”
Soonjoung Kim
Mentor: Hongtao Yu, Ph.D.
“Identification and Characterization of the Multifunctional Epigenetic Regulator CFP1 as an ERK1/2 Substrate.”
Aileen Klein
Mentor: Melanie H. Cobb, Ph.D.
“Sequential Actions of VCP/p97 and the Proteasome 19S Regulatory Particle in Sterol-Accelerated, ER-Associated Degradation of HMG CoA Reductase.”
Lindsey Morris
Mentor: Russell Debose-Boyd, Ph.D.
“Investigating Roles for Cellular Heterogeneity in Cancer.”
Robert Steininger
Mentor: Steven Altschuler, Ph.D.
“Using Chemically Modified Oligonucleotides to Modulate Gene Expression, Treat Genetic Diseases, and Probe Novel Mechanisms of RNA Interference.”
Dong Bo Yu
Mentor: David R. Corey, Ph.D.
“The Mechanism of Small Interfering RNA Biogenesis in Neurospora Crassa.”
Zhenyu Zhang
Mentor: Yi Liu, Ph.D.
“Mechanisms of Regulation of RhoA by Hormones.”
Angela Carter
Mentor: Paul Sternweis, Ph.D.
“Exploration of Chemical and Biochemical Mechanisms of Catalysis.”
Kevin Cormier
Mentor: Melanie H. Cobb, Ph.D.
“Role for NIP45 in Telomere Recruitment to PML Bodies in ALT Cancer Cells.”
Demetra Farley
Mentor: Hongtao Yu, Ph.D.
“Activated RhoA Positively Regulates Exchange Activity of PDZ RhoGEF.”
Frank Medina
Mentor: Paul Sternweis, Ph.D.
“The Developmental Transcription Factor Neurogenic Differentiation 1 in Migration and Survival of Neuroendocrine Carcinomas.”
Jihan Osborne
Mentor: Melanie H. Cobb, Ph.D.
“Evaluating the Mechanisms of 2-Hydroxypropyl-ß-Cyclodextrin and Liver X Receptor Agonists as Potential Therapies for Niemann-Pick Type C Disease.”
Anna Taylor
Mentor: Joyce Repa, Ph.D.
“Investigating the Biological Functions of the Protein Kinase WNK1 in the Regulation of Cytoskeletal Structures and Membrane Trafficking.”
Szu-Wei Tu
Mentor: Melanie H. Cobb, Ph.D.
“Regulation of ERK1/2 of Novel Substrates, Kinesins KIF2A and KIF2C.”
Elma Zaganjor
Mentor: Melanie H. Cobb, Ph.D.