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Student Profile Ribosome Biogenesis

Garrett Kimble

Genetics, Development and Disease Graduate Program

Mentor: Michael Buszczak, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Degree: Biological Sciences
Undergraduate Institution: State University of New York at Buffalo
Hometown: Hopwell Junction, New York

Garrett Kimble

How did you become interested in science and/or research?

From a young age I was fascinated by the natural world and wanted to know how it worked. I constantly read books and watch shows about the diversity of animals and how they have evolved along side each other and the environment. This love of nature translated into a desire to understand biological mechanisms of development and disease. It is my goal to leverage this knowledge to contribute to the biomedical research field in the hopes of one day helping those who are afflicted with these very diseases.

Please describe your research.

I am interested in understanding the process of ribosome biogenesis and how it relates to development and disease. The ribosome is the molecular machine responsible for protein synthesis and perturbations in this process contribute to a variety of developmental disorders and cancers. Particularly my work is focused on harnessing the power of a ribosome labeling system developed in the lab to track old and new ribosomes thus allowing for identification of novel factors involved in ribosome turnover as well as compounds that may be useful as therapeutics.

Why did you choose UTSW for graduate school?

I chose UT Southwestern for its reputation as a leader in biomedical research, diverse faculty and shared interest in the basic biological mechanisms they studied.

What do you think makes the Genetics, Development and Disease Program one of the best?

This program is open to so many different fields of study including development, cancer research, studies of basic molecular biology and genetics. It broadens your scope when considering how to approach a problem and is part of a community that is collaborative in their efforts to move projects forward.

What do you love about the Genetics, Development and Disease Program?

UT Southwestern and GD&D has exposed me to a new caliber of research, new technologies and a community that aims to produce the best work possible while developing critical thinking skills necessary to take on new challenges.

Garrett Kimble

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