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Raising Concerns

UT Southwestern is committed to providing a learning and working environment in which residents/fellows can raise concerns and provide feedback without intimidation or retaliation and in a confidential manner.

The UTSW Graduate Medical Education Committee demonstrated this commitment by establishing a multidisciplinary ad hoc Task Force in January 2019 to identify the barriers within the clinical learning environment to trainees raising concerns without fear and to provide recommendations for how to address these concerns at the institutional and program level in a supportive learning environment.

The Task Force completed its work and delivered a report with 13 specific recommendations in March 2020. All GME programs at UT Southwestern will promote fair, reasonable, efficient, and equitable resolutions for general grievances that may arise during residency and/or fellowship training. An official procedure was created to provide guidance on your options for raising concerns regarding your experience at UT Southwestern.

Raising Concerns Procedure

UT Southwestern is committed to ensuring all members of our community are afforded a working and learning environment free from discrimination and harassment.  We will provide an inclusive and welcoming educational and working environment where sexual harassment, sexual assault, gender discrimination, and gender-based violence within the UT Southwestern community is not tolerated and is promptly addressed.

You can find information about sexual misconduct/harassment and how to report it at Title IX & Sexual Misconduct. If you would like to anonymously raise a concern, please follow the link to our internal website.