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What is ResQ?

ResQ is the smarter way to record and document work hours. Now, hospitals and clinics can sense a physician’s arrival. ResQ is a patent-pending platform that automates the work hours process. No computer login, punch card, or action is required. Simply enter any predefined location with an iPhone and work hours record automatically.

The automation ResQ provides allows for a measurable increase in efficiency and compliance, and permits residents and administrators to spend less time on the administrative task of documenting work hours and more time learning and practicing medicine.

One of the best features of ResQ is the ability to integrate with existing Residency Management Systems. ResQ integrates seamlessly with MedHub and can be set up within minutes.

Once hours record to a resident's phone, they automatically sync to the work hours module in MedHub. It’s that simple!

ResQ features include:

  • WorkTime Time Logs
  • QText Secure Messaging
  • WorkForce Overview

To learn more, visit the ResQ website.

How can I start using ResQ?

The ResQ Medical app is available from the Apple App Store. Download the app and follow the Onboarding ResQ Instructions to get started.

Who can I contact with questions?

Please contact UT Southwestern GME with any questions regarding ResQ.