Simulation Innovation Lab

What is the Innovation Lab?

The UTSW Simulation Center (UTSWSC) Innovations Lab was established with the aim of enhancing healthcare simulation, education, and research through the cutting-edge technology of 3D printing and modeling. The UTSWSC is excited to partner with subject matter experts (SME) across campus on the development of 3D prints and molds to support the academic endeavors of campus.  All projects follow UTSW Policies, including INP-101.

Project Request

All projects should be submitted via the UTSWSC online form. The formal request here at 3D Printing Request. The UTSWSC Director of Operations will approve the requests on a case-by-case basis, based on the information supplied through the online submission, to ensure simulation personnel have adequate time and resources to sufficiently complete the project.


To be determined after request form is completed.

Location: 3D printer machines are located in Room 2.402 Simulation Operations (Supply Room & Offices) on the Second Floor (Simulation Center) West Campus Building #3

Available 3D Printers: The Center owns a total of Six (6) 3D printers and 3D Peel Scanner plus and are capable of printing in the following materials:

  • Photocentric resign flexible 1kg
  • Ultimaker pla .750kg
  • Ultimaker pva .750kg
  • Bigrep pla 8kg
  • Bigrep pva 8kg
  • Markforged onyx 800cc
  • Markforged nylon 800cc
  • Markforged carbon fiber 150cc
  • Markforged Kevlaar 150cc

3D Printing and Model Fees: Printing projects vary widely and require detailed review before fees and invoices can be generated.

Fee consideration may include: Staff effort, material cost, and development time. A budgetary quote will be supplied upon request.

Complete the online request form:

3D printing Request


University Policies

Pursuant to UTSW policies, including INP-101 Technology Development and Intellectual Property Management, from the UTSW Handbook of Institutional Policies and Operating Procedures, the UTSWSC will follow policies around Intellectual Property, Copyright, contributions, and other applicable policies. For any questions regarding these policies, please contact the Office of Technology Development.