Facility Highlights

West Campus Building 3
The West Campus Building 3 (WCB3) houses the Simulation Center

UT Southwestern’s state-of-the-art Simulation Center is one of the largest simulation centers in the United States.

Occupying 49,000 square feet on the entire second and third floors of the West Campus medical building, the Simulation Center replicates and creates virtual environments for training in clinical care and procedures provided in a wide variety of settings, including operating rooms, labor and delivery suites, intensive care units, and the emergency room.

Each simulated clinical environment boasts multispecialty, state-of-the art equipment in rooms equipped with audiovisual recording devices that feed into an advanced clinical simulation management platform. This system allows review, debriefing, and analysis of the captured activities by trained experts.

Twenty standardized patient rooms are available to train health care providers, as well as interchangeable high-fidelity manikin rooms, task training spaces, dedicated classrooms, and other labs and facilities.

Highlights of Our Facilities

High-fidelity training environments, including an emergency department room, an intensive care room, and a labor and delivery room

High fidelity simulation room
Students train in a high-fidelity training room.

These rooms are large enough to run multiple patient scenarios, and have direct observation control rooms equipped with one-way mirrors. They can also accommodate additional mobile equipment such as crash cards, fluid infusers, intubation scopes, and more. Rooms have overhead communication equipment, a large wall monitor for image display, and four ceiling mounted Pan-tilt-zoom cameras to record video-assisted debriefing.

Robotic operating room suite

Robotic surgical training in the Simulation Center
Robotic surgical training in the Simulation Center.

The robotic operating room suite includes a da Vinci surgical robot and control console, as well as a multi-screen surgical display. The room is also equipped with cameras and recording capabilities.

Operating room suite

Students train in a virtual operating room
Students train in a virtual operating room.

The operating room suite is set up as a true OR. From overhead displays to patient set-up, learners are immersed in the OR environment from the moment they step in the door. Simulation is operated from an adjacent control room with direct view through a one-way mirror.

Robotic surgery-training environments

Robotic surgery equipment in the Simulation Center
The Simulation Center offers robotic surgery equipment for training.

In addition to the robotic operating room suite, other robotic surgical locations are available to use with the “in-house” robot, as well as ones brought in for particular training sessions.

Laparoscopic and suture training lab

Students learn to suture in the Simulation Center
Students learn to suture in the Simulation Center.

The laparoscopic and suture training lab is used by many levels of learners, but is available to graduate-level trainees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this room they can practice suturing and laparoscopic techniques that require intensive eye-hand coordination.

We also offer:

  • 20 standardized patient exam rooms
  • Seven debriefing/meeting rooms
  • Wet/dry lab with 140-seat capability
  • Engineering and innovations lab
  • Multi-skills lab
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