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Data Submission


To start a new case, follow the below steps: 

  • Contact UTSW to get a case number.
  • Complete case reporting form on the REDCap website posted below.
  • If it is on the surgery arm, you can skip the following steps for radiation therapy.
  • Export DICOM RT Dataset and plan report in PDF, anonymize the dataset and package it into a single file.
  • Submit the case file to UTSW.

Case Reporting

Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) will be utilized to manage the enrolled cases of this study. Case report forms and surveys will be submitted to the Trial Committee via REDCap.

Dataset Export

The complete dataset of each treatment plan should be exported in DICOM format. It should include the planning imaging sets, image registration objects (if image fusion was utilized), RT Structure Set objects, RT Plan objects, and RT Dose objects.

A treatment plan report in PDF format that one would put in a patient's chart and the completed plan QA form should also be submitted along with the DICOM dataset.

Anonymizing Data

Anonymize the datasets in the obtained case number. MaskIt can be downloaded for free.

To sustain a naming consistency across institutions, please replace patient's last name and patient ID with "JOLTnnnn", where "nnnn" is a four-digit case number; replace patient's first name with your institution ID, UTSW for instance; leave patient's middle initial blank.

Dataset Packaging

Compress the whole dataset into a single zip file and name it following the format “” where IID is the identifier of your institution (you can choose your own) and “nnnn” represents the case number.

To facilitate your planning quality assurance process, a RT QA form has been made based on the dosimetrical requirements stated in the above protocol. It can be downloaded here. Please complete a QA form for each subject and submit it along with the DICOM dataset and plan report.

Dataset Submission

Send the compressed dataset file to the Department of Radiation Oncology at UT Southwestern Medical Center (RADONC UTSW) to have the plan reviewed. You can submit the compressed file in one of three ways:

  1. Use WeTransfer. (WeTransfer use instructions.)
  2. Use Box. (Box use instructions.)
  3. Use Microsoft OneDrive.
  4. If above methods don't work for you, we can adapt to your file-sharing.