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Clinical Trials

The Department of Radiation Oncology enrolls as many as 200 new patients each year in clinical trials. Faculty members hold leadership positions in the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG), which develops and oversees all national radiation oncology trials funded by the National Cancer Institute.

See current clinical trial information below or contact the Clinical Research office at 214-645-7322.



STU 052018.052 (GammaPod Boost) Tumor Bed Boost Using a Breast-Specific Radiosurgery Device, the GammaPod: Registry Study and Evaluation of Quality of Life with Development of Sizing Nomogram. Learn about the GammaPod.

STU 2018.0236 (Tailor RT) A Randomized Trial of Regional Radiotherapy in Biomarker Low-Risk Node-Positive Breast Cancer.

STU 2019.1099 (Carbon-13) Single Institution Pilot Study to Detect Radiation-Induced Cardiotoxicity in Left-Sided Breast Cancer Patients Using Hyperpolarized Carbon 13-Based Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging. 

STU 2019.1183 A Phase I Dose-Escalation Study of Single Fraction Pre-Operative Partial Breast (S-PBI) for Early Stage Breast Cancer.

Central Nervous System


STU 122016.064 (Neurocog. Decline) Phase I/II Trial to Determine the Neurocognitive Decline in Patients with Multiple (>6) Brain Metastases Treated with Distributed Stereotactic Radiosurgery.

STU 022015.106 (SRS-Dose Escalation) A Phase I Dose-Escalation Study of Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Brain Metastasis without Whole Brain Radiation.



STU 2020.0166 (EA2182) A Randomized Phase II Study of Deintensified Chemoradiation for Early Stage Anal Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

STU 2020.1394 (Rectal PULSAR) Phase I Trial of Ultra-Fractionated Adaptive Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and Selective Omission of Surgery for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer.



STU 092017.018 (POTEN-C) Prostate Oncologic Therapy While Ensuring Neurovascular Conservation (POTEN-C): A Phase II Randomized Controlled Trial of Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy (SAbR) with or without Neurovascular Sparing for Erectile Function Preservation in Localized Prostate Cancer. Learn more about the POTEN-C trial.

STU 022011.213 (ASCLEPIuS) A Multi-Center Study of Androgen Suppression with Abiraterone aCetate, LEuprolide, PARP Inhibition and Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (ASCLEPIuS). A Phase 1/2 Trial in High-Risk or Node-Positive Prostate Cancer. 

STU 2021.1091 (NRG-GU010) Parallel Phase III Randomized Trial of Genomic-Risk Stratified Unfavorable Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer: De-Intensificiation and Intensification Clinical Trial Evaluation (GUIDANCE).

STU 2023.0566 (PULSAR PROPhET) Phase 1B Study of Personalized Ultrahypofractionated Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy of high-risk PROstate cancer guided by PET PSMA (68Ga PMSA-11; Ilucix) response (PULSAR ProPhet).



STU 2021.0787 (Cervical PULSAR) A Safety Lead-in Single Arm Phase II Study for Image-Guided Ultrafractionated Radiation Therapy for Treatment of Metastatic Cervical Cancer.

STU 2021.0852 Daily Adaptive External Beam Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Carcinoma of the Cervix: A Phase II Trial of an Individualized Approach for Intestinal Toxicity Reduction (ARTIA-Cervix).

Head and Neck


STU 2020.0522 (HYPORT-HN) A Randomized Non-Inferiority Phase II Study of Hypofractionated Post-Operative Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma. HYPORT patient education

STU 2020.1000 (EA3161) A Phase II/III Randomized Study of Maintenance Nivolumab versus Observation in Patients with Locally Advanced, Intermediate Risk HPV-Positive OPCA.

STU 2023.0715 (G-FORCE) Phase II Randomized Study of Glottic Larynx Hypofractionated Radiotherapy Versus Conventional Radiotherapy.



STU 022015.069 (JoLT-Ca/STABLEMATES) A Randomized Phase III Study of Sublobar Resection (SR) versus Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SAbR) in High-Risk Patients with Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), the STABLEMATES Trial. Learn more about the JoLT-CA/STABLEMATES trial.

STU 2019.0858 (PACIFIC 4/RTOG-3515) A Phase III, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind, Multi-Center, International Study of Durvalumab Following Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) for the Treatment of Patients with Stage I/II Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

STU 2021.0475 Pilot Study of Ruxolitinib in the Treatment of Cancer Cachexia.



STU 2020.1106 (Repriming CAR-T) A Phase I/II Trial of ‘Re-Priming’ Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SAbR) for Relapsed/Refractory Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Patients in Incomplete Response after Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell (CAR-T) Salvage Therapy.


STU 2021.1005 (PROMISE) Pediatric Radiation Oncology with Movie Induced Sedation Effect (PROMISE): A Phase II Clinical Trial to Safely Reduce Anesthesia Use.



STU2021.0529 Registry Study to Evaluate the Clinical and Dosimetric Outcomes of Cancer Patients' Adaptive Radiation Therapy (ART).

STU 072010.098 Tissue Procurement and Outcome Collection for Radiotherapy-Treated Patients.

STU 2021.0206 Volunteer Scanning for Testing, Evaluating, and Enhancing 1.5T MRI Systems Dedicated to Radiation Treatment Planning and MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy.

STU 2021.0976 Prospective Data Registry and Quality-of-Life Assessment of Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy with the RefleXion Medical Radiotherapy System (PREMIER).

STU 2019.1390 Tissue Procurement and Outcome Collection for Cancer Patients with and without Cachexia.