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Medical Physics and Engineering Research

Research in the Division of Medical Physics and Engineering centers on solving important clinical problems in cancer radiotherapy through the development, implementation, and testing of novel technologies. Current medical physics research projects include:

  • GPU and cloud computing-based auto treatment planning
  • Online adaptive replanning and interactive planning
  • GPU-based fast Monte Carlo simulation
  • Low-dose and 4D CBCT reconstruction
  • Real-time volumetric imaging and dose reconstruction
  • 4D RT and motion management
  • Normal tissue toxicity study

Medical physicists are also involved in numerous clinical innovation projects. While not categorized strictly as research, these projects represent significant improvements in clinical workflow and patient safety through the use of advanced technology. Such projects have included:

  • Onsite simulation, planning, and treatment
  • VMAT-based total body irradiation treatment technology
  • Use of 3D printing in radiotherapy
  • Computer-assisted weekly chart checking
  • Computer-assisted brachytherapy QA
  • Improving clinical workflow through a web-based communications tool